T’s and C’s


I hereby declare that I meet all the requirements of MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA.

I hereby fully accept all the terms and conditions in its entirety of this contest, and in the Guides, and that which is listed on www.misseaglesa.co.za

I fully understand the terms and conditions and all processes contained in this contest, and understand that the onus lies on me alone, to keep informed and updated of all processes, information and the terms and conditions of this contest. I understand that this document is binding on me, and also reference to terms and conditions listed online. As an over 18 competent adult, I fully understand and accept these terms, and will not be represented by others regarding this contest.

I hereby fully indemnify MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA 2018, and Eagle Media, its Organizers, Directors, Co-ordinators, staff, companies and associated companies from any and all claims made by me and on behalf of me, from any and all costs, as well as associated risks and costs, time, losses, liabilities, damages, injuries and death from my participation in this contest in its complete entirety. I understand that MISS EAGLE SA makes no commitment/promise and/or liability of any respect in this contest, including book publishing, opportunities, rewards, prizes, compensation and funding. I will fully comply with the Contestant process. I will resolve all concerns, queries and issues internally to find an amicable solution with the Organizers and will not take these issues to the public platform, as I understand that this may bring defamatory and reputable damage to the contest.

I understand that apart from points for level progression, I will not be remunerated and rewarded in any way for my efforts and activities from my participation in this contest. By assisting with advertisements, sponsorships, media, new product launches and other aspects, I understand that this in no way construes as employment nor financial gain, compensation, or promise of any sort, and I understand that I am not entitled to any reward, remunerations, claims and/or commissions in this respect.

I understand and accept that I although MISS EAGLE SA is continuously approaching sponsors, I am responsible for my own travel and accommodation costs for myself and family to attend the National Pageant to be held on TBC.

Should I be announced as province winner, I understand and accept that I must prove my travel and accommodation arrangements have been made by no later than TBC and failure to do so, may lead to MISS EAGLE SA selecting another contestant in my province, as a provincial winner, based on the next highest score. This proof of attendance may be in the form of flight tickets, room reservations, vehicle hire, etc. I understand that tickets are limited and MISS EAGLE SA is not responsible to reserve tickets for myself, family and friends. I understand that the onus, responsibility and cost is on me to find sponsors for my own outfits and dress and/or garments for the Pageant. I understand that, should i win the province title, I am responsible to get my own Tiara or Crown bought or sponsored, and that such crown does not contain any green stones, as the winner will be using a green stone crown. I understand that all my personal sponsors have no agreement with MISS EAGLE SA, and that MISS EAGLE SA has no binding contract, duties or obligation towards them. I accept MISS EAGLE SA’s authority and judgment in its entirety regarding my participation in this contest.

Should I win the province, I will ensure I am available from the morning, Sunday 16 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino for meeting the event team for training, choreography and briefing. As a province winner, I understand that the onus is on me, to learn modeling poses and modeling on stage.

I accept the authority and judgment of MISS EAGLE SA in selecting an overall performing contestant (Queen of Hearts), score calculation, announcing province winners, public choice winner, identifying additional title winners, awarding additional points for best videos, and in all other respects in this contest, and I accept such judgment and authority without question in its entirety in this contest. I understand that only the nine province queens, queen of hearts and public choice winner will participate at the pageant event, as well as additional titles given, but understand that additional titles will not compete for the main title of Empress South Africa. I understand and accept that the winners of each province, queen of hearts and public choice winner are all regarded as contestants at the main pageant event, and that any prizes that will be awarded and guaranteed is only for the main winner,

Empress South Africa. I understand that as a provincial, public choice, runner up, or additional title winner, I am not guaranteed any prizes except the title. I understand that MISS EAGLE SA is an online contest, based on empowering me, and my personal brand, and not about promise to any prize or financial gains. I understand that MISS EAGLE SA reserves the right to award me with prizes which must be kept confidential. I understand that the winners prizes will be kept confidential, as part of MISS EAGLE SA motivator strategy, because such prizes shift the focus, goal, aim and perception of this woman empowerment contest. I understand, whether I receive any prizes or not, to keep that confidential, and understand by not doing so, it may bring defamation to the MISS EAGLE SA Brand. I understand that the winner of the pageant (Empress South Africa) will receive a guaranteed cash prize as well as paid for modeling opportunities and other prizes throughout her reign, as opposed to one cash prize. I understand that the winner’s complete prize will not be disclosed, by either MISS EAGLE SA, or the Winner. I understand further prizes may be added to the Winners prize, based on sponsorship. I understand that should I win the province title, or overall winner title, I will be required to complete an addendum to this agreement, as a representative of the province brand during the reign of the contest and winner, and as such, may be represented by MISS EAGLE SA in terms of my linked brand with the possibility to create future opportunities by MISS EAGLE SA, which will act in a role of a managing agent to me for a period of one year. I understand that as managing agent there is no promise of opportunity, but assistance in upholding my image and brand.

I understand that as a Finalist completing this contest, I may be awarded an online title of Royale Princess. I understand that this title is only conferred upon completing all tasks at finals, and that MISS EAGLE SA has the right to withdraw such title at any point afterwards, at any point in future. I will accept such authority from MISS EAGLE SA, without any claims in this regard. I understand that such title is based purely on recognition, and does not solicit any financial relationship and/or binding contract to myself and MISS EAGLE SA. This applies to all titles in this contest. I understand and accept the authority of MISS EAGLE SA, to correct me in regards to any mention of the MISS EAGLE SA brand.

I understand that MISS EAGLE SA may correct me in the mention of MISS EAGLE SA processes or implied links to the brand in my Book which I was encouraged to write in this contest. I understand that after this contest, although I may be able to contact other contestants in MISS EAGLE SA, I will not form or chair any groups online with MISS EAGLE SA contestants, in any form, because MISS EAGLE SA will lead and manage such chairing of agendas and communication, known as the MISS EAGLE MOVEMENT. I understand that such movement may transition into a separate entity, with its own terms and conditions. I avail myself after this contest, to be part of the network of young woman across the country, and to receive communication from MISS EAGLE SA for business and/or other opportunities, events and other initiatives. I will always uphold the MISS EAGLE SA brand, and not bring any disrepute, defamation, acts of slander, claims or misrepresentation to the MISS EAGLE SA Brand, under any and all circumstances.

I will ensure that all processes, information, the level guides, all whatsapp and online chats, text information and internal secrets of the contest, will be kept Confidential during and after this contest. I give MISS EAGLE SA my complete and express permission that all my online accessible pictures, posts and videos, can be used, edited, manipulated and/or changed, for marketing purposes and mediums in the interests of promoting the MISS

EAGLE SA contest and brand anytime during and at any future point after this contest, and I indemnify MISS EAGLE SA from any and all claims in this regard. I understand that MISS EAGLE SA has no relationship with others, including my friends, family, fans and colleagues, etc, and I indemnify MISS

EAGLE SA from all claims and disputes whatsoever regarding my participation in this contest, by me and on behalf of me. I understand that MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA can disqualify me with immediate effect should I transgress any rules or processes within the contest, including not being contactable, being rude to MESA staff and co-ordinators, and not completing instructions, processes and activities on time, showing incompetence, unprofessionalism and/or bringing the MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA brand into disrepute.

I will always conduct myself in a professional manner and always act in way to maintain the good image of this contest, MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA